Media Coverage

Puerto Rico Issues Energy Storage Mandate

January 2, 2014

POWER Magazine:

Developers of renewable energy projects in Puerto Rico must incorporate energy storage into new installations under recently approved standards.

Elements Collide

September 17, 2013


A new ice energy-storage system better integrates wind energy at a campus in Ireland.

Melting to Keep Cool

September 10, 2013

PBS Nova:

Some of the world’s largest ice cubes can be found in the basements of Manhattan skyscrapers.

Elements Collide: Ice Storage Helps Use Wind Energy Onsite

September 3, 2013

Building Green:

CALMAC’s Icebank energy storage system helps shift the PJ Carroll building’s electrical demand to off-peak times and utilizes the energy produced by the school’s wind turbine onsite when production is at its height.

Outdated Factory Transformed into LEED-Certified School

August 5, 2013

The ACHR News:

Engineers and architects took the seemingly impossible task of recycling an outdated industrial factory into a LEED-Gold showcase of some of the HVAC industry’s most innovative equipment for Asheboro, N.C.-based Randolph Community College (RCC).

Grid-scale storage? How about building-scale storage too?

July 24, 2013

Smart Grid News:

Storage doesn't have to mean a giant stack of batteries. Thermal storage – in particular ice-based storage – can make a real contribution too, as you will read in this guest editorial from CALMAC CEO Mark MacCracken.

Thermal Energy Storage: A Peak Performer

May 9, 2013

High Rise Facilities:

Facilities across the globe are using thermal energy storage to air-condition spaces, from one of the tallest buildings in the world (the T&C Tower in Taiwan) to the first U.S. commercial skyscraper to achieve LEED Platinum certification (Bank of America Tower in New York).