IceMat Ice Rink Products

IceMat® ice rinks are made of evenly spaced tubes that are uniformly raised over the rink floor by preinstalled, rigid, plastic spacer strips.

Unlike other ice mat systems, CALMAC offers a factory-installed main header design option, which reduces time and labor. IceMat also provides greater heat-exchange surface area than conventional indirect or direct refrigeration piping systems, allowing IceMat to make good quality ice even when air temperatures reach over 90°F.


Both IceMat I and IceMat II are made for reduced construction and operating costs. Their flexible design results in improved ice quality throughout the life of the facility.


IceMat I

  • Easily portable by hand
  • Flexible for non-standard designs, bobsled runs, and portable applications.
  • Four feet wide by up to 200 feet long. A standard NHL rink (85 feet by 200 feet) would use 50 mats, 85 feet long.
  • Lowest flow/HP pump requirement
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate tubing
  • 5/16" O.D. twin tubes spaced 1.5 c/c
  • Mats have 3/4" copper subheaders field connected to main headers
  • U bend fittings of rust free copper

IceMat II

  • Excellent for retrofit over old concrete rink floors
  • Simple, fast installation in concrete, sand, or bare floor
  • Lower cost (including labor) than conventional systems
  • Easy to repair
  • Portable with mechanical equipment
  • Factory-installed main headers reduce installation time with quick-connect clamps
  • Extremely uniform ice temperatures
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low pump-hose power
  • U bend fittings of rust free copper
  • Medium-density polyethylene tube material–0.50 inch ID in each tube