Plate Heat Exchanger

CALMAC’s plate heat exchangers provide compact design for greater efficiency, low hold-up volume, easy maintenance, expandability and flexibility, and close temperature approaches. CALMAC’s plate heat exchangers are best in class.

Features include:

Studded Port Connection
. Studded connections are standard for ports of 4" or more in diameter. Threaded pipe is used for connections of less than 4". Flanged construction is available upon request.

Better Heat-Transfer Efficiency
. Sloping lead-in grooves on our inlet port ensure even distribution of liquids across the plate and provide superior efficiency through maximum utilization of heat-transfer surface.

Nylon Roller Assembly
. This rugged fixture limits wear on the carrying bar, making it easy to open and close the larger-sized heat exchangers.

Positive Locking-Plate Alignment System. A special locking lip secures the connection between plates, keeping them precisely aligned and tightly sealed even at high working pressures. A CALMAC exclusive.

Optional Protective Shroud
. This safety feature complies with all applicable OSHA requirements.

Versatile Construction
. CALMAC Heat Exchangers feature bolted construction for strength and accessibility. They can be assembled at the job site and are easily expanded as your needs change.

Heavy-Duty Frame Heads. Robust frame heads deliver even pressure to the plate pack. This eliminates the need for inferior welded frame reinforcements and makes opening the heat exchanger fast and easy.

Long Lasting Paint
. All our frames are primed and finished with two coats of durable epoxy enamel to keep our units looking newer longer.