Understanding Your Electricity Bill

How Much Demand Affects Your Bill

The effect of demand, how much electricity is required in an interval and when, on your total bill varies by building type, location, and utility. For most commercial and industrial consumers across North America, demand is 40-60% of the total bill!

The good news is that commercial and industrial (C&I) electricity consumers have the opportunity to purchase lower cost off-peak electricity.  In fact, most areas of North America have half price electricity at night, however, the savings may be masked by the structure of the bill.

Understand Your Bill

Utility bills for C&I consumers are a lot different than the bill you get at home. Unlike homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, and other commercial and industrial consumers are charged based on two components: usage and demand.  


How much electricity is consumed, or the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used during a billing month. Charged as ₡/kWh.


How much electricity is needed in a timed interval and what time of day, or the peak number of kilowatts (kW) consumed during a 15- or 30-minute interval within any billing month. Typically charged as $/kW monthly, but charges can be converted to $/ kWh.  Prime time electricity causes a high demand which increases prices.

CALMAC IceBank tanks are designed to shift load from day to night changing how much electricity is needed at peak times of consumption, thus lowering your peak demand and saving you up to 20% or more on your bill.