Glycol Management System

The CALMAC Glycol Management System (GMS) is designed to maintain the proper volume of coolant in a building circulating loop by monitoring the system's pressure and adding fluid from a reservoir to the system when the pressure drops below a set point.

Features include:

  • TEFC pump motor and hot-dipped galvanized frame allow the unit to be located outdoors.
  • Low Liquid Level alarm contacts close on loss of power.
  • 65-gallon covered, vented reservoir, with 10-gallon graduations, that can be used for mixing glycol–water solution.
  • Pressure Relief Valve protects against over-pressurization by the Glycol Management System.
  • Building System Isolation Valve between building system and GMS.
  • Service Valve between the reservoir and the pump.
  • Drain Valve
  • Visible warning lights and electrical contacts (rated 1/6 HP at 230 Volts) for remote monitoring for the following conditions:

Add Solution warning. Solution needs to be added to the reservoir, but pump will continue to run until level reaches the Low Liquid Level alarm.

Low Liquid Level. GMS pump is automatically turned off.

High Liquid Level.

Low System Pressure. Possible leak in building system.

Loss of Power.