Videos can be one of the best introductions to thermal storage. We’ve collected a series of videos from CNN, CBS, along with many other sources including our own productions. Visit a high school that’s using thermal storage as a teaching tool. Or, go inside One Bryant Park, a LEED Plantinum thermal storage building in New York City.

Fair Lawn Company Uses Ice to Cool

NJTV news reports that when temperatures go up, so do electricity costs. And that means higher bills, especially for large commercial spaces. But a company in Fair Lawn is trying to change that and hopes to ice out its competitors in the process.

CNN Money-Modern yet retro

CNN Money reports, the water inside these large storage tanks slowly freezes overnight and melts during the day, cooling buildings across New York.

Sen Mark Udall Tours IKEA

Senator Mark Udall toured IKEA's state-of-the-art geothermal system with energy storage which cuts the store's heating and cooling costs in half, and saves energy.

Buildings Go Green

Look at "green" building and tour a building that's won top-level recognition for energy efficiency.

Case Study- TIAA-Cref

29 stories up on the roof of 730 Third Ave in New York City energy storage saves $700,000 per year and lowers carbon footprint