IceBank energy storage benefits

From lower cooling costs and reducing envioronmental impact to LEED certification and more flexible HVAC system operation, go explore the benefits of thermal storage below. View interactive graphics of how it works, learn why CALMAC is a leading energy storage manufacturer then see if your project qualifies.

Why Energy Storage

See how energy storage benefits architects, engineers, building owners and utilities.

How Energy Storage Works

Explore an interactive diagram that shows how thermal energy storage works.

Electric load profile with Thermal Storage

Lower Cooling Costs

Get informed on when to buy electricity, how to avoid expensive demand charges and get paid to use less energy.

Reduce environmental impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Learn why thermal energy storage is critical to a low carbon future.

Energy and Atmosphere Icon

LEED Certification

Find out which LEED points you may qualify for with thermal energy storage.

Operational Benefits of Thermal Storage Cooling

Operational Benefits

Learn 4 ways energy storage beats traditional more expensive air-conditioning.

CALMAC Advantage

Learn the top 7 reasons why building professionals choose CALMAC.

Learn if your project qualifies for thermal storage cooling.

Learn if your Project Qualifies

Answer 7 quick questions and see if thermal energy storage is right for your building.