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For over 30 years, CALMAC has made an art out of manufacturing ice-skating rinks. Every year, the IceMat® I and IceMat® II ice rinks are manufactured, then shipped worldwide. But before shipping, the IceMat system is tested and engineered for premium quality, then handed over to qualified contractors who quickly install your ice rink for:

  • All seasons and climates
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Portable or permanent use
  • General recreation to figure skating
  • NHL to town squares
  • Malls to residential backyards
  • Olympic size to 400-meter speed-skating tracks
  • Curling rinks to bobsled runs

Click here for a list of installations.

Quality Assurance

CALMAC understands that a consistent sheet of quality ice at uniform temperature is needed for recreational and high-performance skating, so all IceMats undergo extensive quality-control testing measures in every part of the factory assembly process, using parts that are certified by Calmac part vendors. Then the IceMats are rechecked on incoming inspection for dimension and pressure requirements under Calmac’s strict specifications.

Only the highest-quality materials are used, all of which are immune to corrosion from glycol coolants. All fitting rings and clamps are made out of 316 (stainless steel), to prevent corrosion. Confident that the mats are leak-free and pressure-capable, Calmac backs up the IceMat with a Three-Year Limited Warranty.

IceMat I and IceMat II Design Benefits

CALMAC manufactures both IceMat I and II skating rinks to cater to all types of applications. Both IceMats:

  • Minimize the time and labor out of rink set-up.
  • Create uniform ice temperatures in varied weather conditions.
  • Are easily portable.

Let Calmac help you determine which IceMat, I or II, is right for you. First, here are the primary differences.

  • IceMat I - Handmade IceMat I skating rinks
    • Easily portable by hand.
    • Flexible for complex shapes such as bobsled runs.
    • Requires a low volume of coolant.

  • IceMat II - Factory-made IceMat II skating rinks
    • Factory-installed main headers, not sub-headers like competing IceRink systems, allow each mat header to simply interconnect to others using quick-connect clamps.

      “On a number of installations, this has been done using not one hand tool” for the entire installation, said one satisfied contractor about IceMat II.

    • Fast installation in concrete or sand.
    • Automated machine production installs spacer strips to pre-space each set of mat tubes and elevate the tubes uniformly to a perfect height for perfect ice.

      Michelle Kwan, crowned at the World Figure Skating Championships for the fifth time, was quoted by competition officials as stating: “The ice was great. Very fast. Springy.” Her descriptions make for perfect ice, deep-edge jumps and spins.

Simple Design

The IceMat simple design results in years of trouble-free use. Each mat is modular in design so that your rink size can be increased or decreased at any time. The mats roll out like carpet over the floor and then roll back up when not in use.

Quick Delivery

Automated machine production also allows for the quickest delivery scheduling of a custom designed product.

IceMat I Product Materials

  • “U” bend fittings are made from pure rust-free copper
  • Flexible twin tubing made of ethylene-vinyl acetate

IceMat II

  • Pre-installed main headers (typical size 6") made from Schedule 80 PVC pipe
  • Fitting rings and clamps made out of 316 (stainless steel) to prevent corrosion
  • U-Bends are made out of copper (or stainless steel for permanent concrete installations)
  • Sturdy polyethylene tubing made from higher-pressure, medium-density material and available with UV compounds for lasting protection

Partial Listing of U.S. and International CALMAC IceMat Installations

For more detailed information, please click here (PDF, 1.2 mb) for our online ICEMAT and ICEMAT II brochure.

Please click here to contact any of CALMAC’s regional managers for additional information or questions.

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